Why do they hate us?

US government-backed group to lie and trick men into being sterilized.

After major world events where someone attacks the US or one of her strong allies, news reporters always ask “Why do they hate us?”  Libertarian/conservative types always respond “Because they hate our freedom” — a stupid reply.  Liberals ignore the question — also stupid.  They hate us because what we do to them.

Add to that list forced sterilization of African men in Rwanda.

The United States government-backed Family Health International plans to use misinformation about circumcision preventing AIDs to get to men’s reproductive systems to sterilize them.  If successful, they will sterilize 700,000 men.  How many will look to the US for revenge?

Source:  http://www.pop.org/content/rwanda-sterilize-700000-men-pri-pledges-work-tirelessly-against-it


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  1. kourtnie

    your good

  2. facebook

    My best friend’s wife left him and the kids. He has tried hard but now all the kids are screwed-up because that selfish woman wanted her “freedom”. People who abandon their families should be publicly scourged.