Obamacare vs. No-fault divorce

Obama put healthcare in government hands.

President Obama’s healthcare law (Obamacare) does a lot of things — but it is most known for putting control of healthcare into the government’s hands and for requiring everyone to own a health insurance policy (universal mandate).  There is good reason many are concerned — increased healthcare costs, increased taxes, and the problem of what to do with the sick when the money is gone.  But when everything is all said and done, people will still be born, they will still be raised by their parents, learn, grow, eventually marry and have kids, grow old, and die.  The new healthcare law can make certain things more difficult, but family life will still happen.  And that is what is most important.

Reagan's no-fault divorce has destroyed the fabric of American life, strong families.

Now contrast Obamacare with no-fault divorce.  Before no-fault divorce, divorce was difficult.  There needed to be evidence of wrong-doing and it was even more difficult if both parties did not consent.  After the passage of no-fault divorce (thank you Ronald Reagan), children are often not raised in a stable two-parent home.  Traditional marriage, as an institution, is in retreat.  The whim of one infects all.  It doesn’t matter what the other partner wants.  It doesn’t matter what is the best for the children.  All that matters is that one person is free to pursue their own selfish will.  Children no longer have mom or dad (or suffer from custody fights) and they endure all the results of losing a parent.  We know the statistics about suicide, about academic failure, about behavior problems, crime, etc.

The fact of the matter is that, under Obamacare, people will continue to live their lives much as men have for the past generations.  With no-fault divorce, we change the family and the world we live.  Significantly.

So why do the state legislatures, courts, and congress ignore this real evil that needs to be addressed?


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  1. Frankie

    Thanks for this helpful information. I took the kids to “kill” the tv and it was the most fun our family has had in a long time!