North Dakota Senate Challenges Divorce

Legal divorce is the scourge of mankind!

Libertine state legislatures have attacked marriage for the past 40+ year and have, in many situations, reduced it to an emotional whim to be ended upon the first hint of difficulty.  They lie about the nature of marriage (marriage is life-long) and the effects of divorce on children and society as a whole.  The same state legislators who have reduced almost every state to bankruptcy have bankrupt the family institution.

So it is a breath of fresh air to announce at least one state may have a change of heart.  Several senators in North Dakota have introduced a bill which would make divorce more difficult and makes marriages stronger.

Senate bill 2367 [link] requires at minimum a one-year waiting period before a divorce may be issued.  In that year both partners are required to go to 10+ counselling sessions — and the judge will have the power to require the couple to attend together.  The requirements are waived in abuse situations.  And they are not binding on couples who do not have minor children in the home.

North Dakota may enact reasonable measures to reduce divorce.

While no-fault divorce will still be the law of the land and any individual wishing to abandon their family will still be given the legal cover to do so, this is an important first step in helping distressed relationships recover.  Studies show that couples who are on the verge of divorce and decide to stay married are happier, wealthier, and have children with better grades and fewer emotional problems five years later than their counterparts who go through with it.

This bill is not yet law, so please take a moment to write a senator or house member from the North Dakota state legislature [click here].

As usual, the liberal mainstream media opposes any effort to keep marriages together, [see here].  It might be a good idea to flood them with letters letting them know how misguided they are.

Update:  A reader has pointed out that all three senators who have introduced the bill are Catholic.  It seems that the only Christians, at this point, to put forth significant effort to keep marriages together have been Catholic.  Any other Christians want man-up and step-up to the plate?


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2 responses to “North Dakota Senate Challenges Divorce

  1. flyguy1977

    I run into a lot of conservative/libertarian folks who say that stopping divorce is big government interfering in people’s lives — but what is divorce? Divorce is just that! Government interfering. I’m all for anything that will reduce/end divorce. If they go to the government to solve their problem, expect to pay for counselling sessions.

  2. You are right on. Keep the news coming!