Judge Declares Divorce Illegal in Nebraska!

Equality means eliminating all divorce!

A district judge in Otoe County, Nebraska has refused to divorce a couple — citing that he was never given that authority.  It happens, in this specific situation, that the couple asking for the divorce were both women who gained legal marriage in Vermont.

The judge worked within the framework that, since Nebraska does not recognize their marriage, they cannot recognize a divorce either.  So they are stuck, it seems, unless they move over to Iowa or back to Vermont or one of the other states that recognize such unions.

The single greatest threat to traditional marriage in the United States is divorce. Marriage is a union until death.  Because marriage, by it’s nature, is indissoluble, no judge has the authority to grant a divorce.  Their powers are limited to legal separation.  And this homosexual couple is a good example of what happens when judges refuse divorce.  Yes, child custody was handled, yes assets were divided — and yes, child support was decided upon.

Homosexual marriages aside (that is a topic for another day), there is no difference between a divorce and a separation — except that remarriage is not allowed.  And what is so wrong with that?

Link:  http://nebraska.statepaper.com/vnews/display.v/ART/2011/01/31/4d468c4f4de4b


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