Divorce Q & A

Divorce Q & A

Q1. What is marriage?
A1. It is God uniting two people into one.  See Matthew 19:6.

Q2. Is divorce permissible?
A2. No.  There is no such thing as divorce.  Divorce is a lie, you are still married.

Q3. What happens if you divorce your spouse?
A3. You commit adultery.  You are still married.  See Mark 10:2-12.

Q4. If your spouse divorces you against your will, can you remarry?
A4. No.  You are still married.

Q5. When is someone no longer married?
A5.  When they or their spouse is dead.  See 1 Corinthians 7:39.

Q6.  What happens to people who divorce and remarry?
A6. They are adulterers.  Unrepentant adulterers go to hell.  See 1 Corinthians 6:9-10.

Q7. But the judge said that we were divorced!
A7. The judge is a liar.  He was never given that authority.

Q8. But my church allows divorce and marries divorced persons!
A8. Then your church is from hell.  Christ founded but one Church, the Catholic Church, and she cannot change her teachings because they are the teachings of Jesus.  She is the only Church faithful to God on matters of divorce.

Q9. But the Catholic Church has annulments and remarries divorced persons.
A9. An annulment is not a divorce.  It is a statement that the essentials for a marriage to take place were not present at the time of marriage.  If a person’s marriage was annulled, it means no marriage ever took place.

Q10. Where do I go to learn about annulments?
A10. Visit with a Catholic priest.

Q11. I have a family member who is divorced and is remarrying.  What am I to do?
A11.  Pray for their souls.  You cannot go to the wedding because that wedding is a lie.  It is an act of adultery.  It is a vile and evil act.  You are not permitted to witness to this evil thing.

Q12. I am divorced and remarried.  What am I suppose to do?
A12. Consult with the Catholic bishop in your area.

Divorce is a lie.
You’re still married.


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  1. Kacie

    I simply would like to point out that I find your perspective especially inspiring.
    I was very nearly divorced after ten years of marriage myself. Thank goodness my partner and I put into use many of the guidelines right here and they really did the trick for me and Bob. The marriage is actually more robust right now than it ever has been.