Power from Man or God?

Aristotle, in his writings on physics, concluded that there must be an unmoved mover to set the universe into motion.  This unmoved mover would have come from a different material than all other things because it wasn’t limited to the laws of nature.  Some of the best proofs for the existence of God have been derived from this.

Man is born naked and with nothing, including authority.  He is dependent completely on those who came before him.

Power from the people?

The first real authority a man experiences is the authority of his parents — usually in the form of care & discipline.  These parents will raise the child to adulthood and see him off to marry and have his own children.

If we had sufficient records, we could trace the ancestry of all men back to a single couple, a historical Adam & Eve.  And as we trace the lineage, so we would trace the history power — of some men having authority over others:  The great kingdoms, the small cities, and all in between.

There are many who would argue that the authority to govern comes from the consent of the people.   With that logic, they would have this historical Adam & Eve be given power to rule from their infant children.  That’s right, from babies.  The same would hold true to any household today.  Parents are given authority to govern from those they govern — their children.  This may sound ridiculous, but this is the same philosophy that lead the founders of post-Christian governments, the modern democracies.

There is a reasonable alternative.  Power comes from God, the unmoved mover & the unmade maker, who set forth the world and all that it contains.  This includes man and the need man has for reasonable government, in the household,

. . . or power from God?

the city, and the state.  In this world-view, parents don’t need to ask permission from their children to raise them properly and rulers are more concerned with doing what is right than they are with doing what is popular.

In a world where people believe power comes from God, not those governed, we have parents who teach their children right from wrong and who correct when correction is due.  In a world where people believe authority is derived from those governed, as in the modern democracy, we have inept parents who just throw up their hands and say, “They are going to do what they want to do.”

It is time that parents started parenting as if parenting were a mission given them from God, not a burden thrust upon them from their children.  Maybe then we would find that we have plenty of fine leaders to guide our nation without personal interest, without greed, without corruption, and without the partisan fighting we are subjected to on a daily basis.  We would find that we have plenty of leaders who wish to do what is good and just, to care for the less fortunate, to give every man his due, to punish the wicked and to elevate the good.

Given that, it wouldn’t be long until democracy gave way to a benevolent Christian kingdom.

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