Christians Divorce the Bible

Protestant Interpretation of the Bible
Divorce in the Bible?!?!

For a Christian, the words of Christ Jesus are as fine jewels, to be cherished and adorned.  Protestant Christians are especially known for their attachment to the word in the Bible — from where they claim their authority and faith come; from the Bible, no more no less.

So why is it that every single Protestant Christian sect ignores the Bible on divorce?  Our Lord’s teachings are clear in Matthew 5 and Mark 10.  The punishment for divorce is clear in 1 Corinthians 6.  Divorce (and remarriage) is adultery.  Unrepentant adulterers go to hell.  Pretty hard to miss.

Yet every single Protestant denomination will perform a “wedding ceremony” between two divorced persons!  Our society crumbles around us.  It crumbles because of the decay of the family.  And only one Church on the face of this planet defends the teachings of Jesus on divorce — and no, it is not a Protestant religion.

If these Christians wish to be worthy of the title “Christian,” they are going to need to get serious about what Jesus says about divorce.  Divorce, there is no such thing.  It is a lie.  Every pastor, every conference, every board must make a stand and proclaim Christ!  There is no divorce and you cannot marry in our church!


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