(non) Judgement Day

Every judge, every police officer, every teacher, every parent, every person who, as part of their daily lives, has the duty to judge (which is almost everyone) must certainly be among the most vile and wicked of persons.

Let me explain:  In the past few days, I have been told, “We cannot judge and publicly condemn those around us,” followed by, “Do not judge because Jesus told us not to,”  and “He without sin, cast the first stone.”

Surely, then, judging is a horrible thing to do, right?

So the judge who condemns the rapist, “You did wrong and you will be punished” is unchristian.  And the parent who tells their child not to hangout with certain other kids, who serve as a poor example (oops, is that a judgement), is sending the wrong message.  When someone speaks publicly, acknowledging that divorce is wrong and should be punished along with other evils, well they are just outright mean and uncharitable!

It seems that the greatest sin a man can commit is the sin of judgement.  But isn’t it rather judgmental to accuse someone of that?  Not that I’m judging!


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